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Have a job search that works alongside the distractions of daily life. Spend your time on valuable activities. But what are they? Run through this checklist once, or bookmark it and visit often. Our goal is to show you in just a few minutes how to make job search progress. *
Success doesn't mean being smart in every way, it's being smart in the right ways at the right time!

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Let Email Work For You:

Receive automatic email notifications about positions you may want from companies looking to hire.

  • Automatic job lead emails are serious time savers.
  • Research companies that send you position alerts.
  • Create an email account just for job search.
    Examples: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo are all free.
  • Use your email calendar to schedule reminders.
  • TIP: Set up a few different email alerts, then turn your attention toward networking and building skills.

1: Set Up Alerts

Get Job Leads Daily, Free

Don't waste time visiting and checking job boards for listings.

2: Brush Up On Advice

Careers are life-long pursuits. It's worth knowing how good careers happen.

artGet Career Know-How from the Expert's Expert

Martin Yate is an all-time great career author and thinker. He provides both the HOW and WHY behind smart career and job search activities. For top advice, check out Martin's Career Blog. If you buy one career book, this should be it.


Have You Heard How To Be Career Successful?

Can you write, think good things, and talk persuasively about yourself?

  • Has it been a while since your last job search?
  • Are you wondering the best steps to take?
  • Do you know how employers find and hire nowadays?
  • Is your career on the trajectory that you want?
  • TIP: Practice how to "deconstruct" a job description, so you can tune your resume, letter, and interview strategy.


Go For Exactly What You Want

Target your time on things you want to achieve.

  • Work in a place with minimal interruptions.
  • Seek out effective people and ideas.
  • Ask a friend or colleague for feedback.
  • Keep learning, follow your industry, stay sharp.
  • TIP: Work on a dynamite "Elevator Speech", so you can communicate your value to people in a very short time.

3: Target Your Effort

Applicant screening software may be all that's standing in the way between you and a job interview.

Companies need to hire and often say they can't find enough skilled people. Computers do much of the match making, and they are not creative. So, you need to think narrowly like a computer.


Your resume and profiles must have relevant keywords that match the job description. That's where Jobscan comes in.

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